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Wearing Cheongsam to the wedding party

When it comes to China’s traditional clothing, then it is Cheongsam. You probably have seen Chinese women wear Cheongsam; you probably think that it looks so gorgeous. Well, it is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women. Even if you are not a Chinese, you still can use Cheongsam especially when you come to special occasions like wedding party or to other formal occasions. If you want to feel the sensation wearing Cheongsam then you are allowed to come to China so that you can get the feeling to be a Chinese woman.

In addition to that, there are so many models of Cheongsam that you can choose with so many colors. Not only red but blue color will look good on you. There are so many people who wear Cheongsam to attend the wedding party, so for you who want to look different then you need to wear Cheongsam for sure.


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Do you want to wear Hanfu?

Do you know about Hanfu? If you already knew about it, do you want to try it? You probably want to wear Hanfu because it looks beautiful. You can imagine you are in the certain dynasty in China. If you want to wear Hanfu then you can wear hairpieces and for men there are hats. Usually for women, it is a natural curve through wrapping of upper garment lapels. If you want to wear other style of Hanfu then nowadays there are so many modern types of Hanfu that you can wear.

A fun fact about Hanfu is, people often tell social rank of someone by what the things that the wear on the head. Basically, Hanfu can consist of two or even three layers. The first layer is the inner garment meanwhile the next one is the main layer and if there is the third one then it must be the overcoat which is usually open at the front.


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What is Samfoo?

What do you know about Samfoo? I am sure you have seen it before but you just do not have an idea about the name of it. Well, for your information, it is a style of casual dress from China that consists of a waisted blouse and trousers. In the early 1900’s Chinese wore Samfoo to school in Sibu. There are some people that still wore it until 1970’s but they were only the older. You probably want to wear it but you have not had a chance to wear it. During the festive season and other special celebrations, people wear red Samfoo. If you want to know more about Samfoo then we can learn about it more here. Basically, it is a Cantonese term for everyday attire. It is so popular with the Chinese in South China.

Not only in China but there are some countries as well such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Are you curious about the meaning of the name? The term Sam means shirt or blouse and then Fu means trousers. If you come to China then you can get to see some rural people who wear Samfoo today.

When we talk about Samfoo then we are going to talk about the materials that are used as well. In the past, people made Samfoo from hardwearing materials like hemp and cotton. But it is different for wealthy, Samfoo made from luxurious materials such as satin as silk. If you want to use modern varieties then you need to know that it is kind of rare. The colors and the materials are a bit different. People often pair it with the Western-style. As we know that some traditional clothes are kind of different since some people try to invent new models with modern feels, they also play with the colors.